Aol Error Codes

AOL mail has millions of active users around the globe. These users share personal messages, business documents, images and much more via AOL mail. In order to protect user data, AOL mail has a number of security features in place for every AOL account. For example, one of the most basic security features in place is the username and password. Any error in the security features or in the authentication process exposes your account to potential risks. You can call the AOL Email Supports if you feel that your account was compromised or if you want more information on how to prevent future authentication errors.


Blerk Error 1 is a message that users sometimes see when there is an error in the authentication process for AOL Mail. This includes some basic troubleshooting tips on How to Fix Blerk Error 1 Messages in AOL Mail with easy steps.

Causes for Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail

Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail normally appears after you enter your AOL login details. I.e. your username and password. This error generally appears with the words ‘Blerk! Your sign-in got derailed.’ or ‘BLERK! ERROR 1 Authentication Problem’.

Here are some of the causes of the Error:

• Problem with internet browser setting

• Incorrect address saved as Bookmark

• Caches or cookies in browsers

• A technical error in AOL Desktop Gold

Easy Way to Solve AOL Mail Blerk Error 1

This kind of error is mostly caused because of the setting on your browser or if you are using older outdated software. Users must keep in mind that the steps to resolve the issues vary depending on which browser you use. Here are the steps to solve the error, check your browser and follow the steps accordingly.

Internet Explorer: Ensure you use the latest version of internet explorer. Open a new window and follow the give thread: “Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet Zone”. Enable ‘Protection Mode’ and follow the steps to add AOL mail to the list of trusted websites. Restart the browser to save the changes and run internet explorer without add-ons

Mozilla Firefox: Open a new window in Firefox and click on the menu button. Select the option to restart Firefox with the add-ons disabled so that the browser can start in Safe Mode. You will see two options in the dialogue box. Use the “Start in Safe mode” option so as to disable all themes and extensions. The browser will also turn off hardware acceleration, and reset the toolbar. Once this is done you should be able to run AOL mail.

Google Chrome: Update Chrome to the latest available version. Open the browser and go the Settings section and click on the advanced options. Go to the “Privacy and security” and turn off the relevant add-on settings. Once this is done delete the browsing history, saved passwords, cookies and clear the cache. Restart your system and try to sign in to your AOL account using a new window.

Safari: When it comes to Safari certain pop-up windows block AOL mail and result in authentication problems. In order to fix the error, you should use the Security preferences in Safari to allow pop-up windows and turn the security warnings off.

If you see that the Blerk Error does not go away even after you have made the necessary changes to the browser settings then you can all the aol email customer support number and consult a trained professional about the problem.

GAH! ERROR 1111 in AOL Mail

AOL Mail Error messages can seem quite complicated by its name, but solving them is quite easy. One of the messages in AOL mail that has become quite common is GAH! Error 1111. Due to this issue, the users fail to log in to the email platform. One cannot precisely define as to why this error occurs. It can be considered as a mechanical snag. This error occurs when you enter your AOL email address/username and password and click on sign in. Trying a couple of quick fixes can surely resolve the issue. You can try to implement them manually first.

Resolve AOL Mail GAH! Error 1111

Option 1- Reset the AOL mail password

The best way to deal with this error is by resetting the mail password. To do so, follow the given procedure.

  • Type aol.mail.login in the search bar and enter your AOL username
  • Click on ‘I forgot my password.’
  • Select ‘I would like to reset my password via security question.’
  • The security question will appear automatically
  • Answer the question accordingly
  • In the new tab, type a new email password
  • Click on Okay
  • Login into the AOL mail again. Now with the newly edited password

Option 2- Clear the browser’s cookies and cache

If you find that resetting the password did not bring a positive effect, then you can delete the browser’s cookies. Doing so will load the pages of the website much faster. Updating the browser’s settings is also an excellent option.

The above two suggestions are quick fixes for the GAH! 1111 error code. If you do not want to execute the steps manually and look forward to expert assistance, then do have a word with the experts.

GAH! ERROR 2 in AOL Mail

You will get the GAH! ERROR 2 message if there’s a mailbox connection problem. Usually, this error will resolve itself if you wait a few moments and then reload your mailbox. If this doesn’t immediately work, there are other steps you can take to fix the issue.

Restart your browser

Sometimes the tried-and-true “turn it on and off again” fix actually works! Simply close your web browser and launch it once more. Restart the browser and then go to to log in with your username and password.

Clear the cache on your browser

Clearing the cache in your browser is another approach to resolve these error messages. Your browser will function more efficiently overall as a result of clearing up all the minor unneeded information that has been saved there.


If you see this message along with the error code ERR800, it means there was a problem accessing or creating your inbox. While this can usually be resolved by starting over, there are a couple of things you can try if that doesn’t immediately work.

Restart your browser

The tried-and-true method of turning something off and back on can sometimes be effective. Simply close your web browser before opening it again. Go to after restarting the browser and enter your login information.

Clear your browser’s cache

You can also resolve this problem by deleting the cache in your browser. Your browser will function more efficiently overall after you remove all the small, unwanted pieces of information that have been saved there.


AOL Mail loading issues typically result in the BLERK! ERROR 4 message being shown. There are a few measures you may do to quickly regain access to your mail, even though this is frequently a brief problem.

Restart your browser

The age-old advice to “switch it off and on again” actually works in some cases! Simply shut down your browser, then launch it once more. Go to and enter your login and password after restarting the browser.

Change the firewall’s settings

Your mail may not load correctly if your computer is protected by a firewall. Check the following from the firewall application on your PC or router:

  • Turn off any “web filtering” features.
  • Ensure that it does not explicitly permit “http://*”
  • Check to make sure “http://*” is not expressly blocked.

Web browser cache clearing

A computer’s system may function slowly or web pages may not load properly if it is overburdened with stored data. You can erase these saved files and make more disc space available on your computer by clearing the cache in your web browser.

Change the privacy settings in Internet Explorer.

Make sure the privacy setting in Internet Explorer is set to “Medium,” which is the default setting. When the privacy setting is on “High,” the mailbox occasionally has trouble loading.


  • It’s possible that a buildup of flawed browser data is what’s causing the blerk error 5 on AOL mail.
  • Technical issues with AOL mail could also be at blame.
  • Relaunching your browser after clearing browser data from settings is a simple and efficient repair.

Why do I continually receive a blerk error 5 on AOL mail?

The blerk error 5 on AOL mail can occur for a variety of reasons. You can blame a lot of things, from flawed browser files to issues with the mail service.

  • Below are some of the common causes:
  • Corrupt browser data
  • Wrong bookmark addresses
  • AOL Desktop Gold technical error
  • Problematic browser settings

How do I fix the blerk error on the AOL mail?

1. Update your browser

  1. Launch your browser and click the Menu button.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Choose About Chrome on the left pane.
  4. It will show if there are any updates available to install.

Outdated browsers are a source of numerous problems and could cause the blerk error 5 on AOL mail. This is because they are mostly buggy and prone to issues that might have been fixed in the newer versions.

2. Update saved browser bookmarks

  1. Open your browser and click the Menu button.
  2. Select the Bookmarks option.
  3. Choose the Bookmark manager option.
  4. Click the more button (three vertical dots) in front of the AOL bookmark.
  5. Choose the Edit option.
  6. Finally, update the URL as necessary and click on the Save button.

AOL mail has changed its URL over time, which renders the old address useless. Hence, if you have bookmarked this address and tried to access the website with it, you will likely get the blerk error 5 on AOL mail.

3. Clear browser data

  1. Click the Menu button and select the Settings option
  2. Select Privacy and security on the left pane.
  3. Choose the Clear browsing data option.
  4. Click the Time range dropdown at the top and select All time.
  5. Mark the checkboxes for Browser history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files. Finally, click the Clear data button.

Despite the ease of use that browser data such as cache and history offer, they cause all sorts of problems when corrupt. The blerk error 5 on AOL mail has been traced to this data.

Ensure to restart your browser after clearing them to effect the changes.

4. Contact AOL customer support

Sometimes, a technical issue with AOL mail may be the cause of the blerk error 5. The only course of action in this situation is to get advice and assistance from AOL customer service.

GAH! ERROR 7 in AOL Mail

If Javascript is disabled in your browser, the GAH! ERROR 7 message appears. You’ll need to enable cookies and JavaScript, then restart your browser, to fix this problem.


It suggests there was a problem loading AOL Mail if you get a ZOIDS! ERROR 8 notice. A few minutes of waiting followed by a browser refresh usually fixes this. Nevertheless, try using Basic Mail if you’re still having problems after resuming.

  • Register with AOL Mail.
  • Select Options by clicking the username field.
  • Select Basic/Accessible Version.


If you see ZOIDS! ERROR 9 along with the error code ERR1116, it means you attempted to sign in to AOL Mail with an unsupported account type.

To access AOL Mail, try signing in with a different AOL username or email address.

GAH! ERROR 11 in AOL Mail

If GAH! ERROR 11 and error ERR137 are both displayed, your account is no longer active. By logging in again or getting in touch with customer service, the account may occasionally be reactivated.

Depending on how long it has been since you checked in, it might not be feasible to reactivate your account if it is deactivated due to inactivity.


If you see the BLERK! ERROR 13 message, along with the error code ERR701 it means there was a problem loading your AOL Calendar.

The error should resolve itself on its own in a few minutes. You can also try signing out then back in again if it doesn’t work after a few minutes.

GAH! ERROR 15 in AOL Mail

If you see the GAH! ERROR 15 message along with the error code ERR404, it means that the attachment you’re searching for can’t be found. When this happens, you’ll need to ask the person sending the attachment to resend it so it can be opened properly.


If you see the ZOIDS! ERROR 16 message along with the error code ERR2600, it indicates your account may have violated AOL Mail’s Terms of Service. Contact Us.